Private, Secure Analytics Without Moving Sensitive Business Data

Say goodbye to repeated compliance audits with the DataFleets platform. Your models and data insights move from client to server without transporting the data itself. Safely share these models across units with fine-grained access control.

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A Robust Federated Computing Stack

Our platform makes it easy to transform and analyze across data silos, using an API that is so simple that you might even forget that your commands are being distributed across tens or hundreds of sources.

Skip the 6 month wait time to get access to data. Our APIs expose a single access point that's fully secure and regulatory compliant by default. Merge and analyze datasets across clouds and data centers in ways you've never been able to do before.

And all this comes with cost and efficiency improvements, eliminating ingress/egress charges from your cloud provider or ETL platform.

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Privacy as a Primitive

DataFleets has a enterprise-grade suite of privacy features built into its core, so you can write code and train machine learning models, safely and securely from Day 1.

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Differential Privacy

Process of inserting statistical noise to prevent models from memorizing underlying data

Secure Multi-Party Computation

Cryptography method to keep function inputs private by splitting processing across parties

Role Based Access Control

Fine-grained restrictions to functions and capabilities, enforced at the API layer

Gradient Clipping

Updating Model parameters by randomly sampling from multiple data sources

Data Locality

Allowing queries and computation to be conducted on remote data sources

Comprehensive Compliance Features

A Suite of tools and dashboards for data governance and regulatory auditing

Built by Data Scientists, For Data Scientists


DataFleets gives you immense power in a familiar and friendly notebook-style interface where your data scientists can analyze data, conduct hypothesis testing, and train machine learning models. Under the hood, DataFleets executes distributed queries on each data source, seamlessly aggregating the insights for you to visualize.

Federated intelligence capabilities are built in, so you can ask the model to automatically select the best subset of data sources for a particular task. Our library has cutting-edge federated capabilities that range from injecting epsilon noise to using gradient sampling to protect sensitive data.

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