platform features

Unify Your Data Silos

Define Cross Location Schemas

Imagine a data transform that securely accesses multiple siloed data sources using a shared schema. With DataFleets, stop re-writing ETL.


Leverage data across domains to train machine learning models. The individual datapoints never leave their source, only the updates to the shared model.


From logistic regression to stochastic gradient descent, our library of data science tools is automatically loaded into all notebooks, giving you access to immense power at your fingertips.


Leverage Edge Intelligence

Cross-Device Intelligence

Share intelligence across your fleet of devices with unified queries that share insights across devices from a single command center.

Protect sensitive customer data

With federated computation, the data remains in place and is only accessed via secure data science operations that can mask and random-sample sensitive data fields.

Bandwidth-Constrained Machine Learning

By moving only models and not data, you can lower the bandwidth requirements for modern deep learning operations, allowing you to modernize your intelligence stack more rapidly.

Collaboration FEATURES

Plays Well With Others

hosted data science notebooks

Datafleets provides a web-based notebook editor for data scientists to quickly and effectively test hypotheses across multiple data sets, in collaboration with others

Import DataFleets In Your Own IDE

If you want DataFleets features in your own code or editor, simply import the PyFleets library and use your own tools to format and post-process data.

Access Controlled At Code Level

Your queries and commands are secured at a granular level, allowing multiple data scientists with diverse permissions apply their own algorithms to data without fear of violating an SLA or EULA.

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