Unified Semantic Data Layer

End-to-end private and federated lifecycle

DataFleets is the trusted platform for transformation, feature engineering, entity resolution, SQL, and machine learning.

diverse analytics framework support

DataFleets is composed of lightweight Python and SQL APIs that let you use familiar tools, such as TensorFlow, Keras, Spark, and Beam.

flexible data source integrations, such as:

Future-Proofed Privacy

Privacy Protection

Implement privacy controls using code instead of complex manual processes.

Data Classification

We partner with best-in-class data classification tools, so we automatically flag your PII, PCI, PHI and other sensitive data.

nobody sees pii

To protect privacy, you don’t see row-level plaintext data in DataFleets. Instead, you see a dataset’s schema, notes and comments, summary statistics, and representative synthetic data.

nothing moves

Analytics are in-place and no raw data moves, fulfilling data residency requirements.

Enterprise Admin and Governance


Access all your models in a centralized administration platform for reuse, reproducibility, and compliant governance.

logs and auditing

DataFleets logs all activity for auditing and privacy assurance.

flexible identity access management

Control user access by plugging into existing systems, such as Active Directory or OAuth systems, or use DataFleets’ built-in OPA-based access control.

Performance and Pace

high Analytics quality

Observe near-perfect preservation of analytics quality, despite privacy manipulations.

petabyte scale

Scale to enterprise data loads and across thousands of data silos. Observe effectively no slowdown beyond the thin overhead common to any distributed system.

diverse model support

Linear, neural net, and tree-based models.

ready for your infrastructure

Full support of AWS, GCP, Azure, hybrid cloud, multi cloud, and on-premise.

works with any data

Structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data.

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