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Across LOBs
Cloud Migration
Across Third Party Data

Say goodbye to months-long data access procedures. DataFleets enables self-service data access, even when outside your environment.

DataFleets guarantees protection against insider threats and privacy slips because users see no row-level plaintext data and all results are provably private.

Manage permissions by plugging into in-house directories such as Active Directory or LDAP, or by using DataFleets’ policy-based access tooling.

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Financial Services

Global Payments Fraud

Privately and compliantly share payments fraud analytics across borders. Accelerate initiatives and lower costs by consolidating otherwise redundant anti-fraud operations in various jurisdictions.

Try third party data before you buy it

universal banks: cross the chinese wall

data vendors: cross-client analytics

protected class and disparate impact

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Enterprise Software & IOT

Adtech and martech: cookieless future

As major browsers end their use of third-party cookies, DataFleets helps marketers prepare for the next normal. DMPs, CDPs, DSPs, and SSPs can use DataFleets to conduct private and secure data matches across various channels to create privacy-preserving identity graphs.

secure data sharing

insider threat shield

smart home & iot

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Securely analyze medical images from across institutions without requiring centralization of sensitive and “large” medical image image files. Provision secure access to outside researchers on internal care data.




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