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Location Agnostic
Streamline Security
Forward Collaboration


Manage and empower your edge devices from one central data science viewpoint. Train, test, and distribute machine learning models to edge devices seamlessly

Customer Deployments

Businesses with many distributed customer deployments can aggregate insight and intelligence without breaking an SLA


Stream models, not data between distant endpoints to limit bandwidth usage for gathering intelligence

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Intelligent Finance

All knowledge behind a single pane of glass

Create cross-location and cross-customer schemas that can aggregate knowledge in the form of precise metrics, visuals, and machine learning models, all without having to juggle with multiple entrypoints to data.

Decrease time-to-insight

Audits and access request can create months-long headaches within a large organization. Enable your team to function quickly and effectively, at the speed of thought.

Prevent information leakage with secure models

Use our cutting-edge algorithms to create models that are mathematically proven to not leak internal business knowledge. These models will use various sampling and noise-injection features that eliminate privacy concerns.

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Responsive Healthcare

Enable Broad Analytics and Data Science

Privacy and security are key in healthcare, which is why DataFleets is such a key piece of the transition from traditional healthcare to intelligent healthcare.

Test Thousands of Hypotheses at Once

Federation allows your team to test a hypothesis at scale, where the algorithm is able to sample from the correct subset of datasets that can solve the given problem.

Enable better patient outcomes

By rapidly iterating across datasets, without dealing with the access controls of a traditional data science workflow, you can solve problems faster, and as they arise.

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Internet of Thinking Things

Enable your devices to think

Give your edge devices super powers by conducting data science across thousands of devices simultaneously, so they share individual learnings into federated models.

Capture all your compute power

Edge devices are getting faster and more powerful, yet businesses are still trying to leverage that power in a meaningful way. Federated learning lets you train and test models on-device, capturing that power into your workflow.

Security for the Edge built in

Gradient sampling allows you to create a machine learning model that scrubs the data, preventing your team from knowing which device any particular datapoint came from. This and other powerful API features make DataFleets a complete solution for IoT.

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